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  Free Android Gemini App Manager App Download

Free Android Gemini App Manager App Download

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Gemini App Manager

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Gemini App Manager
Version: 3.3.5 updated

Platforms: Android

Categories: System Utilities

Upload Date: 30 Mar 17

Developer: Grace.Liu

Distribution Type: Freeware

Downloads: 9344

File Size: 1214 Kb
Free Download Gemini App Manager 

Rating: 3.0/5 (Total votes: 57)

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Gemini App Manager - This is a fast and powerful tool to manage your apps, which includes Risk indication, app autorun control (ROOT), Task killer, Move app 2 SD card (Android 2.2 or later), Uninstaller, Backup apks to SD card, etc. And in expert mode, you can filter and sort packages in many useful ways. Also it can call root function automatically to get better performance if your device is rooted.
· Show app information (including risk info, e.g. show which app can call outgoing, or can send out SMS, or can use Camera, or can find your location (GPS), etc),
· Autorun management (enable/disable conditions for autorun),
· Kill process (one key RAM optimize, kill all, or kill by selection),
· Move/batch move apps from phone to SD card (Android 2.2 or later),
· Move/batch move apps from SD card to phone (Android 2.2 or later),
· Uninstall/batch uninstall apps,
· View application details
· Clear app cache,
· View app on market,
· Sort apps in multi ways,
· Filter apps in multi ways.

What's New in This Release:

· Add warning dialog before block/unblock app on ICS ROMs;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that can not select external SD card on some Samsung ICS ROMs;
· Fix the issue that kill UI app when perform RAM optimize on some Motorola devices;
· Fix the issue that can not get ROOT access on Resurrection ROM;
· Fix the issue that can not get ROOT access on HTC HD2 Revolution ROM;
· Fix the issue that can not get ROOT access on SGS9100 ROM;
· Fix a bug in license access module.

What's New in 2.4.5:

· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that auto update error on ICS;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that move / batch move apps error on ICS;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that batch uninstall apps error on ICS;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that config autorun error on ICS;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that block / unblock app error on ICS;
· (Android 4.0) Fix the issue that set default install location error on ICS;
· Code optimization.

What's New in 2.4.0:

· Optimize UI for Kindle Fire and fix the search bar abnormal issue on it;
· Terminate App2SD operation when there is not enough space, and give the user a message;
· Add backup/restore app settings function in "Click Here" page. User can backup "Do-Not-Kill", "Block", "Autorun" settings and restore these settings.
· Add an option in settings page to show/hide First-Letter-Box when user browsing app list with alphabet order;
· Change some icons.

What's New in 2.3.5:

· Add "Click Here" button to show additional page;
· Add search in additional page;
· Add "Set Install Location";
· Add "Sync Do-Not-Kill App List";
· Move "Event Log", "App Installer" to additional page;
· Support more ROOTed devices without "SuperUser";
· Support backup apps to ext SD on VIGOR;
· Support backup apps to ext SD on more Samsung devices;
· Fix the bug to show "Move to SD" when no ext SD card on Samsung phone;
· Hide "Backup to SD" menu when SD card not ready.

What's New in 2.2.0:

· Fix the issue that the Bluetooth ear phone can not work properly after RAM optimize operation;
· Add notification to user that there are new app available to be moved to SD card;
· Add option in setting page to control app2sd notification, if you do not like notification, just disable it;
· Fix the issue that user can not get ROOT access on MOTO JORDAN;
· Try to fix a UI issue when performing RAM optimize on ASUS panel;
· Try to fix a FC issue when checking update of the app;
· Try to fix a FC issue when checking internal data of the app;
· Fix the issue that "SEARCH" key does not response properly;
· Use ZipAlign to improve performance and reduce memory usage of the app;
· Other minor issues.

What's New in 2.1.0:

· Fix the issue that the "Mark as Don't Kill" is not saved after different version of same app installed;
· Fix the issue that the "Install Time" not updated after same app re-installed with same version;
· Fix the issue that app data is not backup properly after enable the option in setting page;
· Enhance detection of backup APK files;
· Replace some pictures to make the app list has same appearance on all devices.

What's New in 2.0.0:

· Add backup tab page, user can backup/delete apk file easily;
· Add backup application data option in the Settings page, and we will add application data recovery feature in future versions of "Gemini installer and clear", which is useful for some games and paid applications;
· Add custom filter function in expert mode, which support multi filter conditions (Only available for user who has donated);
· Fix an ANR keyDispatchingTimedOut FC issue;
· Fix ROOT issue on Samsung Intercept phone;
· Add "Gemini Apps" menu item to show other Gemini's apps;
· Replace a number of new icons;
· Add notification for operation log page;
· Add POINTS donation function without paying money. User can download app in "Install App(Web)" to get POINTS. When get enough POINTS, user can donate them to remove AD.

What's New in 1.9.5:

· Add auto-update function, which will prompt when new version available;
· Add an auto-update option in setting page. If you do not like auto-update function, you can turn it off;
· Fix the FC issue that user can not go to expert mode when NO SD card present;
· Try to fix FC issue that caused by list sort;
· Try to fix FC issue when user enter autorun control page;
· Try to fix FC issue caused by tip message updating when exit app;
· In expert mode, create submenu for autorun filter with which user can filter "all", "adjusted" or "not adjusted" autorun apps (Suggested by Markus Pfuller);
· In expert mode, move "can access contact", "can access Gmail", "can access SIM card", "can access Location", "can access bookmark" to submenu of "Other access permission", to reduce the filter menu size;
· Add animation to search bar.

What's New in 1.8.3:

· Fix the issue that the app can not call ROOT function properly on MIUI system;
· Restore package sort setting when launching again;
· Fix minor issue that counter error of progress bar.

What's New in 1.7.5:

· Add an option in setting page and backup indication icon for copying private app, which is protected by system and may cause frozen on some certain modules;
· Improved displaying of indication message when clicking on indication icons continually, which is faster and easier than before and less RAM usage;
· Fix the storage info text displaying issue in expert mode on some certain resolution devices;
· Fix the issue that the "autorun" indication icon is not updated sometimes when exit from "Config Autorun" page;
· Enhanced AD detection (add detection of 2 ad type).

What's New in 1.7.0:

· Modification on "one key RAM optimize", now it can free more RAM;
· Enable landscape;
· Add "APK not backup (User)" filter in expert mode, to filter user installed package which is not backup;
· Add "View details (Force stop)" to fast menu of "Kill process" page, so user can easily to "Force Stop" some app which is not killed by "one key RAM optimize". The reason is limitation of Android (Please see FAQ in help for more information);
· Add "Backup to SD" to fast menu of "Uninstall" page, just a reminder to user before uninstall an app;
· Fix error of "Refresh" function when no SD card present;
· Fix the issue that the indication message delay for seconds sometimes;
· Enhanced AD detection (add detection of 1 ad type);
· Now user can click on the tips text to close it;
· Improved indication message displaying on low resolution device (e.g. 240x320);
· Replace system icons to make it has same looking in all devices;
· Other minor issue (UI image/layout modifications and etc).

What's New in 1.5.5:

· Add "Gemini Taskiller Widget (need to install independently)" to perform fast RAM optimize on desktop.
· Add function to move some certain app to SD card which are marked as "install in phone only" as before (only for rooted user);
· Add language support (Traditional Chinese);
· Fix issue that the progress bar may stuck in some special case when starting up;
· Improve fluent of flipping when loading information in background;
· Enhanced AD detection (add detection of new AdMob version);
· Fix issue that the updated system package not listed in uninstall list;
· Move built-in help to internet (which can reduce the package size and user can get newest information, e.g. user can check if there is a new version).

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Google Android 2.1 |  Google Android 2.2 |  Google Android 2.3 |  Google Android 3.0 |  Google Android 3.1 |  Google Android 3.2 |  Google Android 4.0 |  Google Android 4.1 |  Google Android 4.2 |  Google Android 4.3 |  Google Android 4.4 |  Google Android 5.x |  Google Android 6.x |  Google Android 7.x | 

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