Free Google Android 2.1 Blackmoon File Browser App Download in File management Tag

  Free Google Android 2.1 Blackmoon File Browser App Download in File management Tag

Free Google Android 2.1 Blackmoon File Browser App Download in File management Tag

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Blackmoon File Browser

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Blackmoon File Browser
Version: 7.7 updated

Platforms: Android

Categories: System Utilities

Upload Date: 4 Nov 12

Developer: Blackmoon Info Tech Services

Distribution Type: Freeware

Downloads: 19302

File Size: 450 Kb
Free Download Blackmoon File Browser 

Rating: 2.6/5 (Total votes: 95)

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Blackmoon File Browser - Browse, open, rename, manage, copy, move, delete or even email files found on your Android phone. Aware of 100+ registered file extensions.

· Browse Folders / Files, expands the display so that really long filenames are not cut off.
· Open Folders / Files (as long as you have permission).
· Open With: this feature allows you to open the file with something other than the default application type.
· Send To: this feature allows you to "send" the file via another app (mainly used for email attachment).
· Rename files and folders.
· Mark allows multiple selections within a folder. Marked folders will include all subfiles and subfolders.
· Copy / Move / Delete marked files and folders.
· Send Marked To: attempts to send all of the marked files to another app (highly dependent on what kinds of files are marked and what apps will work with them). For example, the K9mail app will accept a set of marked image files as a slideshow to email someone.
· Delete files or empty folders. If you want to delete a non-empty folder, please Mark the folder and then use Delete Marked.
· Ability to show / hide non-readable files and folders to cut down on the clutter (default: hidden).
· Emblems to quickly tell if a file is read-only or unreadable.
· Back button will close the application if at the root folder, otherwise it will act as if picking the first item in the list ("go up one folder level"). This behavior is optional and may be turned off. (default: on)
· New folders can be created.
· The current folder is remembered next time the app is run.
· File icons are loaded with their respective app icons, if possible and applicable.
· Optionally view thumbnails of image files. All image loading is done in the background so that navigation is unaffected by thumbnail loading. The feature is optional so that battery life may be conserved by less use of the CPU/file IO.
· Storage space available is displayed in the header if you have write permission to the folder.
· If multiple audio files are marked (must be > 1) and you use the Send Marked feature, "Create Playlist" will be an app option to pick (if more than 1 app can handle multiple audio files). Creating a playlist will ask for a filename (defaulting to a pre-generated name of "playlist01.m3u"), once a filename is done, an M3U playlist file will be created in "/sdcard/playlists/< filename >.m3u". The system will be notified of the new playlist so that the default music app can import the playlist immediately. The file may be safely deleted at this point or it can be reused if the sdcard is removed from the phone and placed in a PC.
· Other applications that wish to use a separate app to browse the system for a file, a folder, or even multiple files can use BFB to do so. A comprehensive writeup is in the works on just how a developer would write code for it.
· Will respond to email attachment requests, allowing you to use BFB to pick whatever file you wish to attach.
· Sort by Name, Date, Size, or Type.
· Ability to refresh the SD card as if it was removed and put back into the phone. Several apps monitor that as a trigger to refresh what it can see on the SD card (most notably the music player and photo gallery).
· Edit files instead of merely opening them for viewing -- quite useful for images if you have something like Adobe's Photoshop Mobile installed.

What's New in This Release:

· Updated graphics to better handle all the different variety of handsets, tablets, and themes.
· Tablet menu updated to use the Action Bar intelligently.
· Updated for Android 3.2. If your tablet is still running Android 3.0 or 3.1, you are highly encouraged to update to 3.2.
· Better memory management by way of recycling images that are not in view quicker.
· Fixed: NullPointerException on some devices when trying to delete a file.
· Fixed: IllegalArgumentException: Comparison method for Type sorting has been rewritten.

What's New in 7.6.2:

· Fixed: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException caused by several Android devices.
· Fixed: IllegalArgumentException: Can't use FLAG_RECEIVER_BOOT_UPGRADE here caused by a few Android devices.

What's New in 7.5:

· Added programmer feature: Unzip intent will return chosen location in addition to allowing default location and unzip functionality.

What's New in 7.3:

· Fixed: App title not being set if another app uses the Pick Intent API.
· Fixed: Pick Multiple Files button works again if another app uses the Pick Multiple Intent API.
· Taught the app how to better remember which file you were working with between runs.
· Creating a new folder will now automatically select the entire folder name to make renaming it easier.
· When copying/moving/packing/unpacking a batch of files, a clearer dialog will popup to let you know which of your current batch operations is asking for clarification on what to do. In addition, the progress bars in question will be highlighted.
· When running multiple batches of copy/move/pack/unpack operations, the answer you give to one Duplicates Found dialog will not apply itself to all batches. Each batch will be independent of each other and will ask for clarification on what do to once per batch.
· Fixed: a long copy/move/pack/unpack batch operation will not cause an exception when the app is exited with the Exit menu before the task is complete. In many cases, the task will complete in the background. If such a task runs into duplicate files, it will automatically "keep both".
· Fixed: enormously large image files that are too big for the device to handle are now detected and prevented from generating a thumbnail. This will avoid strange behavior like quietly killing the app or locking up the device. Every Android device has different memory resources available and this is taken into account, so the more RAM your device has, the less this limitation is seen. More information can be found at Google's issue tracker and the thumbnail I display for such images can be found here.
· Search will now default to searching the SD card as well as several known public folders which may be a part of internal memory (like the picture storage location on some phones). Searching any other system folder still requires you to have the browser in the folder you wish to search.
· Scrolling speed has been increased as well as overall navigation speed in List View, Grid View and Search View in an effort to keep the app as responsive as possible.

What's New in 7.2:

· Jump Points can be viewed from a Live Folder on devices that support it.
· The Jump Point button window has been redesigned to look more like the grid view so that it will fit more Jump Points on the screen.
· Many small visual improvements around the app.
· Settings and Jump Points are now backed up on supported devices (Android 2.2+). This means that reinstalling either on the same or different device with the same account will restore all your personal settings and Jump Points. Please note that only the Jump Points themselves are saved and restored and not the files they point to. If your SD card is different, the Jump Points may point to files that do not exist and therefore will not work as intended. This feature is intended as a convenience for upgrading phones that will use the same SD card as well as the occasional factory reset that may be needed.
· Grid View now does a better job of keeping the file you are interested in focused and in view while the detail view is being displayed.
· This version going forward will let the device determine the location of app install instead of defaulting to SD card as some phones are having issues with apps on the SD card. You are still free to move the app to the SD card or not at any point in time after install as you desire.

What's New in 7.1:

· Updated icons to comply with published Android guidelines as well as improve their quality.
· IllegalArgumentException: Sorting by date would sometimes cause issues if files or folders were being modified at the same time as they were being displayed while searching.
· NullPointerException caused when trying to Pack (Zip) a file from some other app besides File Browser has been fixed.
· NullPointerException when sometimes setting a thumbnail as the app is being closed or hidden has been fixed

What's New in 7.0:

· Grid view added!
· Updated for use with Android 3.0 devices.
· General upgrade to the system to make it more responsive (especially Searching).
· Copy file speed increased by ~90%,
· Soft keyboard automatically pops up in most cases where it is needed.
· Folders will no longer have square brackets around them since the folder icon is enough of a visual indicator.
· Bug fix: Sending marked files that had no extension now works correctly again.
· OutOfMemoryError handled when search contains lots of pictures (e.g. ".image").
· Bug fix: Search now respects Show Thumbnails setting.
· Bug fix: Send marked music to "Create Playlist" would not display the "Create Playlist" option if more than one type of audio was marked (.mp3 & .m4a for example).
· Bug fix: Move uses slower copy/delete on phones that use internal memory to store pictures to avoid any disappearing tricks (the pictures are still in internal memory in a folder with a similar name of your destination folder).
· Move & Delete marked files now show as progress bars, just like Copy.
· NoSuchMethodError: MediaMetadataRetriever: the release of Android 2.3.3 required a slight change to the video thumbnail generation code.
· New About window should make finding the FAQ, changelog, and email feedback easier to discover

What's New in 6.7:

· IllegalArgumentException: Sorting by data would sometimes cause issues if files or folders were being modified at the same time as they were being displayed.
· IllegalArgumentException: Trying to get the free space on phones that have internal storage as opposed to an SD card would sometimes result in an exception.
· PatternSyntaxException: Some phones displayed and error where others just logged a silent warning, but finding duplicate files that contained parenthesis needed to be fixed in all cases.
· ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException: Android bug discovered to sometimes occur while deleting files. A workaround has been found and used in such cases.
· OutOfMemoryError: Some Motorola Cliq phones were having issues trying to pick a contact photo

What's New in 6.3:

· Added an Intent so that other apps can call Blackmoon File Browser and jump to a particular file just like a shortcut on the Home screen.
· If multiple apps can open a file "by default" then pick one at random and use it's icon as the file icon instead of the generic app icon.
· If you download a file to the /mnt/sdcard/download folder, Blackmoon File Browser will list a Jump To action that will open the file browser at that file instead of opening the file itself. This is useful if you download an image attachment from Android 2.2.1+ Gmail and want to immediately move it to some other location rather than open the file for viewing.
· NullPointerException when trying to unzip a corrupted Zip file replaced by an Action Failed error dialog.
· OutOfMemoryErrors due to Android's garbage collectors performing a work slowdown fixed by forcing them to work on occasion.
· OutOfMemoryErrors when choosing a very large photo for a contact has been fixed.
· ClassCastException on some phones when generating thumbnail views sometimes has been handled.
· NullPointerException while deleting a lot of files and then closing the app has been fixed.
· IllegalArgumentException fixed when sorting by file type or in rare cases of file names.
· SecurityExceptions reported by Android while trying to open a file are being handled, but were incorrectly being reported. Squelched the reporter on these particular cases unless it really was Blackmoon's fault.
· Hidden album art inside a music folder will no longer cause a problem for Create Playlist

What's New 5.7:

· Bugfix: Pick File would sometimes fail. (attaching files via Gmail would fail depending on the type of file being attached)

What's New in 6.3

· Updated some of the German translations.
· Fixed a NullPointerException while searching for duplicates when it finds files that have no extension.
· Fixed a NullPointerException which occurs sometimes while changing the location of a playlist

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Supported Operation Systems:
Google Android 1.5 |  Google Android 1.6 |  Google Android 2.0 |  Google Android 2.1 |  Google Android 2.2 |  Google Android 2.3 |  Google Android 3.0 |  Google Android 3.1 |  Google Android 3.2 |  Google Android 4.0 |  Google Android 4.1 |  Google Android 4.2 |  Google Android 4.3 |  Google Android 4.4 |  Google Android 5.x |  Google Android 6.x |  Google Android 7.x | 

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