Free Google Android 4.1 Kingsoft Office for Android App Download in Business & Profession Tag

  Free Google Android 4.1 Kingsoft Office for Android App Download in Business & Profession Tag

Free Google Android 4.1 Kingsoft Office for Android App Download in Business & Profession Tag

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Kingsoft Office for Android

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Kingsoft Office for Android
Version: 5.9.1 updated

Platforms: Android

Categories: Business & Profession

Upload Date: 6 Dec 13

Developer: Kingsoft Office

Distribution Type: Freeware

Downloads: 29356

File Size: 15893 Kb
Free Download Kingsoft Office for Android 

Rating: 2.8/5 (Total votes: 165)

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Kingsoft Office for Android - With Kingsoft Office you can CREATE, VIEW and EDIT commonly used desktop documents such as: Word, Spreadsheet and Presentation files.
It is compatible with MS Office file formats. This compatibility includes doc, docx, ppt, and xls.
The built-in 'File Manager' makes organizing your office documents effortless on the mobile or tablet device.
Close integration with email makes sharing your thoughts with others very convenient.
Easily access cloud storage services such as, and other WebDAV services.
· Trial version will run until the 1st January 2012. Before this date however, Kingsoft Office may upgrade to an In-App-Purchase version and end the trial period automatically. When the trial period is ended, to continue to get all the features of the software to use, payment will be required.

What's New in This Release:

· Improved: Compatible with the latest Android 4.4 KitKat.

  • Writer:
    · Added: Supported for keeping footnotes and endnotes information when saving .doc files.
    · Added: Supported for opening Irc, c, cpp, h, asm, s, java, asp, bat, bas, prg, cmd files in text.
    · Added: Supported for inputting with the external keyboard when the table rows or columns were selected.
  • Spreadsheet:
    · Improved: Adjusted the color picker display.
    · Improved: Supported PRICE function.

    What's New in 5.8.1:

    · Fixed: In Writer, there was no any response when tapping the hyperlink in Reader Mode.
    · Fixed: In Writer, adjusted the display of "More Font Options" feature interface.
    · Fixed: In Writer, when using some keyboards in English, the same letters couldn't be entered continuously with the external keyboard.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, some encrypted documents exited with unknown exception.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, file corruption issues would appear when opening some documents.

    What's New in 5.8:

    · Added: Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.
    · Added: Supported for inputting Spanish characters with the external keyboard.

  • Spreadsheet:
    · Added: PivotTable.
    · Added: Table Styles.
    · Added: Supported the localized number formats of 10 countries or regions, including Spain, Portugal and Russia.
    · Added: Intelligent Recognition of scientific notation.
    · Added: Supporting for saving CSV documents.
  • Presentation:
    · Compatible with Swiftkey, Swype and Smartkey keyboard.

    What's New in 5.7.3:

    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, in the Paste Special interface, if select the clip(s) except the first one in the clipboard, and then tap "Paste", the document crashes.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, if copy the cell contents, and then switch to other applications and copy contents, the result was wrong when pasting in spreadsheets.

    What's New in 5.7.1:

    · Improved: In Writer, optimized the operating area display of Page Margins under the horizontal screen.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, some documents containing complex contents can not be opened.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheet, improved the control point response range to make the objects zoom more convenient.
    · Added: In Presentation, Shareplay by Internet.
    · Fixed: In Presentation, if creating new slides repeatedly, sometimes the slide does not display.

    What's New in 5.7:

    · Support for opening and editing documents from SkyDrive, not including the shared documents.
    · Support for setting bullets and numbers.
    · Added 6 kinds of heading styles. Improved the styles display effect.
    · Support for external keyboard shortcuts: End, Home, Ctrl+End and Ctrl+Home.
    · Hide/Show rows, columns and grid lines.
    · Support for inserting Scatter, Radar and other 29 kinds of charts.

    What's New in 5.5.3:

    · Improved: In Presentation, dramatically improved the efficiency of scrolling slides.
    · Fixed: In file management, documents quit abnormally when saving to
    · Fixed: In Writer, if users have used fonts and install the new version, the Writer crashes when using fonts again.
    · Fixed: In Writer, select rows or columns of the table and set the text style, the document can not be saved as docx format properly.

    What's New in 5.5.1:

    · Fixed: In Writer, the document quits unexpectedly when setting the Heading Styles in the new document and saving it.
    · Fixed: In Writer, the keyboard does not pop up automatically when creating a new blank document on Google Nexus 7.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, it is unavailable to do format fill operation on the entire row which contains the same format.
    · Added: In Presentation, support dual-screen play on Lenovo K900.

    What's New in 5.3.4:

    · Fixed: In Writer, the content or documents might be lost after editing and saving in some special situations.
    · Fixed: In Writer, the document is closed abnormally if insert bookmarks in the text contents of the headers and footers.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheets, fixed the error result of INT function if decimal is divided by decimal.
    · Fixed: In Presentation, compatibly display the object with shape combinations made by MSO2013.

    What's New in 5.3.3:

    · Improved: In file management, emf, wmf format images display as picture file icons in the program directory list.
    · Fixed: In Writer, the program quits unexpectedly when insert a picture into textbox and click the Undo button.
    · Fixed: In Presentation, insert wmf, bmp, jpe format pictures in one file and save. If this file is opened again, these pictures could not be displayed.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheet, compatible with .xls files edited and saved by other mobile office applications.

    What's New in 5.3.2:

    · Added: In File Management, support for viewing and switching multi-documents.
    · Added: In File Management, added the Undo feature to the operation that delete the document from the home page.
    · Fixed: In File Management, fixed the problem that when open the attachment from email and save it to the cloud storage, this file cannot be synchronized after editing and saving it.
    · Improved: In Writer, adjusted the login interface of Evernote.

    What's New in 5.2.2:

    · Fixed: In Writer, when opening a document containing multiple text boxes, and inserting a table in the first text box to edit, the document would be closed abnormally.
    · Added: In Spreadsheet, support six external keyboard shortcuts, such as [Ctrl + Home] [Ctrl + F], [Ctrl + R].
    · Fixed: In Presentation, when opening a blank presentation and the message pops up, it could not exit normally by clicking the back key.

    What's New in 5.2.1:

    · Fixed: In Writer, for some devices the paste feature in toolbar is unavailable, when the system clipboard contains contents.
    · Fixed: In Presentation, the print feature crashes, when the value of print range [custom range] is symbols (comma or hyphen).
    · Added: In Spreadsheet, add the worksheet tab color settings.
    · Added: In Spreadsheet, if documents crashes when creating and editing documents, add document recovery and backup processing.

    What's New in 5.1.2:

    · Improved: Remove all Auto-start configuration items.
    · Improved: In Writer, modified the Evernote login access.
    · Improved: In Presentation, up to 6 users are supported in Shared Play.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheets, the keyboard can be popped up by double taping the cell, if the keyboard is folded.
    · Added: In Spreadsheets, the selection does not disappear, if selecting multiple cells and entering the Edit mode.

    What's New in 5.1:

    · This version brings Shareplay and Multi-value Filter, and support for automatically updating documents from the Cloud. In addition, there are more than 30 feature updates.

    What's New in 5.0.1:

    · Improved: In Writer, when selecting contents, adjust the space between the left selection handle and the square magnifying glass.
    · Fixed: In Writer, fix the problem that when the round magnifying glass appears, the cursor can't be moved to its position.
    · Added: In Spreadsheet, support Custom Lists, such as Sun, Mon, Tue...
    · Added: In Spreadsheet, add the exclusive Highlight feature.

    What's New in 5.0:

    · Improved the toolbar icons to reduce the visual pressure.
    · New program logo.
    · Improved documents preview display effect on the home page. Support two pages slides preview.
    · The program adjusts the display automatically according to devices, more suitable for the use of mobile phones and tablets.
    · Support Asus PadFone exclusively, switching screens freely between the phone and the tablet.
    · Support for hiding the display of Menu button in system 4.0 and above mobile phones.

    What's New in 4.9.2:

    · Fixed the problem that SD card reloads after doing the Save or Save As operation in some devices.
    · Fixed the problem that program quits unexpectedly when creating spreadsheets or opening some documents in Samsung GT-S5830.
    · In Spreadsheet, directly into the Edit mode after creating comments.
    · In Presentation, fixed the problem that documents containing pictures cannot be opened again if clicking the Close button repeatedly and then clicking Save button in the message box.

    What's New in 4.9.1

    · Improved: Support for hiding the display of Menu button in System 3.0 and above tablet devices.
    · Fixed: In PDF, fixed the problem that PDF documents cannot be opened normally when some devices upgrade.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheet, always display the "=" in the custom input keyboard, in order to complete basic calculations more smoothly.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheet, optimized the Multi-touch zoom.
    · Fixed: In Presentation, fixed the problem that pictures cannot be inserted in some devices.

    What's New in 4.9:

    · In Writer, compatible with the display of charts in .docx documents.
    · In Presentation, support the playing of shape animation.

    What's New in 4.8:

    · Fixed the problem that the folder is empty and documents cannot be uploaded in Google Drive
    · Share contents to Evernote
    · Added Bookmark feature
    · Support Arabic documents display
    · Support for saving Word as PDF
    · Added Print feature in Word documents
    · Format Painter, AutoSum and Find & Replace features in Spreadsheets
    · Support for adding notes of PPT files
    · Compatible with the SmartArt display
    · Support for editing bullets and numbers in PPT files

    What's New in 4.7:

    · In this version, you can open large spreadsheet documents sized 200M above! In addition, it is the only mobile office which supports for importing notes of your Evernote! There are total 37 feature updates.

    What's New in 4.6:

    · Add the support for Google Drive.
    · Fix the lag problem when editing some documents.
    · Fix the problem that the characters are erased automatically when the S pen is close to the screen in Samsung Galaxy Note.
    · Fix the problem that the page location is not correct when zooming in Web-Layout.
    · Add the Wrap feature.
    · In Spreadsheets, add Copy and Paste options in the toolbar.
    · In Presentation, fix the problem that some excess black line appears in the middle of slides on some devices.

    What's New in 4.5:

    · New version includes the long-awaited New Presentation feature! In addition, you can open the document sizing 100M above! There are total 43 feature updates.

    What's New in 4.4.2:

    · In Writer, fix the problem that text can't be entered when using the Ctrl+S key by some external keyboard.
    · In Writer, fix the problem that the content is displayed blank when zooming in view or sliding screen in Android 4.0.
    · In Spreadsheets, fix the abnormal exit problem when saving or saving as CSV files, which name lengths are more than the maximum limit of sheet name lengths.
    · In the file management, the input can be normal by USB or Bluetooth keyboard in the Save As interface.

    What's New in 4.4.1:

    · Support for viewing shared documents in Google Docs
    · Improve the movement of pictures wrapped in Top and Bottom type
    · Fix the movement issue of document preview images, when duplicating documents in the home interface
    · Fix the issue of closing documents automatically, when users edit and save PPT files after using the Save As feature
    · Adjust the edit cell to the viewable area automatically when the keyboard appears

    What's New in 4.4:

    · Added: Support Dropbox and Google docs.
    · Added: Modify the edit mode and add the custom keyboard. Support for editing and inserting formulas in the custom keyboard.
    · Added: Starred Files and Recent Files.
    · Added: Add the Insert Picture feature, and support picture operations like deleting, rotating, moving, zoom, wrapping, etc.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheets, add options in Find feature like Within, Search and Look in.
    · Added: In Presentation, support for opening encrypted documents.

    What's New in 4.3.2:

    · The method of viewing PDF documents is modified as sliding the page up and down
    · In the selection interface of sharing text content, add Select and Select All options to the shortcut menu, in order to select text content conveniently
    · Fix the problem that in some devices, the document quits unexpectedly in the random animation playing
    · Fix the problem that chart colors is not obvious or display incorrectly
    · Fix the problem that the currency symbol of number format displays incorrectly

    What's New in 4.3.1:

    · Improved: Spreadsheets, 8 times faster than version 4.0 when opening documents.
    · Improved: Writer, 5 times faster than version 4.0 when opening documents.
    · Improved: Presentation, 10 times faster than version 4.0 when opening documents.
    · New: Presentation, can set animation effects when playing.
    · New: Spreadsheets, supports the stock chart and bubble diagram.
    · New: Spreadsheets, can display the data table of the chart.
    · New: PDF view, supports opening PDF files.
    · And some other improvements.

    What's New in 4.3.1:

    · Fixed: in Writer, fix the problem that some encrypted documents can not be opened.
    · Improved: in Writer, improve the problem of the position offset when users slide the screen to view documents in Page-Layout.
    · Fixed: in Spreadsheets, the date format can be displayed in accordance with corresponding rules when entering date format like yyyy/mm/dd.
    · And some other improvements.

    What's New in 4.1.1:

    · Improved: In Spreadsheets, adjust the icon size and resolution of the toolbar.
    · Improved: In Spreadsheets, rotate the screen, the content will automatically rotate accordingly when entering the full screen mode.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheets, fix the problem not back to the search interface via clicking next on the keyboard when search in the horizontal screen mode.
    · Fixed: In Writer, fix the invalid problem of left, copy and paste key of go Keyboard input method.

    What's New in 4.1:

    · New: In Writer, added Reader mode, you can easily switch to reader mode after open the document
    · New: In Spreadsheets, added Search function
    · New: In Spreadsheets, added Sort function
    · Improved: In Writer, when opening document, you can press the Back key to cancel
    · Improved: Automatically upload modified documents of WebDAV cloud storage services, such as, to their servers

    What's New in 4.0.3:

    · Improved: supports the ability to insert punctuation and numbers from keyboards other than the one on your phone, including a USB and a Bluetooth keyboard.
    · Improved: you can now use shortcut keys in Writer and Spreadsheets to save timeperforming an array of actions, including save, undo, and redo, without having to use the keyboard.
    · Improved: in Spreadsheets, using the HTC device, you can now select cells using the track ball.
    · Improved: in Spreadsheets, the amount of internal memory required to open and view an OOXML file has been reduced.
    · Fixed: the previous difficulty inputting characters and numbers in Kingsoft Office for Android using SwiftKey and Swype has now been rectified.

    What's New in 4.0.2:

    · From this version, the features of opening and viewing documents will be permanently free. At the same time, the feature of Saving Document will require your payment now. You can pay within the software or buy a SN.
    · New: For Presentation, a new and intuitive user interface;
    · New: For Presentation, the ability to view .PPTX formatting;
    · New: For Presentation, a new thumbnail browsing feature;
    · New: For Presentation, a new flip feature for changing between slides;
    · New: For Presentation, the new feature of Playing Slides;
    · New: For Presentation, a new touch-highlight feature, to simulate a laser pen effect;
    · New: For Presentation, the ability to edit textbox content in slides;
    · New: For Presentation, the ability to save your documents as .PPTX files (need payment);
    · New: For Spreadsheets, the ability to create document.
    · Improved: In the Writer, the document will scroll easily and smoothly when you slide the pages rapidly;
    · Improved: In the Writer, the enhanced ability to scroll with inertia in document;
    · Improved: In Spreadsheets, remembering the toolbar states(expanded or not).
    · Fixed: In Writer, unable to auto-scroll the search result to the visible viewport;
    · Fixed: In Writer, unable to present fill color of some pictures.
    · Fixed: In Writer, unable to show some special shape-objects;
    · Fixed: In Writer, lost the the ENTER character after pasting;
    · Fixed: In Presentation, some font sizes were being displayed incorrectly;
    · Fixed: In Presentation, for some particular devices, the text were distorted owing to a compatibility problem.

    What's New in 3.0.2:

    · Improved: The Keyboard button is now much easier to be found in the context menu.
    · Improved: When filtering data in the Spreadsheet, the quick calculation result will change accordingly, which is based on the filtering result.
    · Improved: Enhanced sensitivity of the filter button, and greater scrolling control within the Spreadsheet.
    · Fixed: The display problem of specific characters within the Spreadsheet is now solved.

    What's New in 3.0.1:

    · New: Add the Web Layout in Writer, text size will auto resize when zooming in the Web Layout.
    · Improved: It is now easier to tap the tool bar buttons in OS 2.3.3.
    · Fixed: Text boxes were overlapping in some documents.
    · Fixed: The toolbar will no longer keep opening and closing without stopping, after pressing and holding the MENU key.
    · Fixed: In Spreadsheet, customized date formats were being displayed incorrectly.

    What's New in 1.0.10:

    · Added: Press the back button on the mobile phone to quit the management mode, when in management mode of Cloud Storage.
    · Improved: Adjust the paper display scale of demo template.
    · Improved: User feedback interface displays automatically the e-mail address used last time.
    · Fixed: When you open a file, even if the file name is very long, you can also see the entire file name including the suffix in the title bar. While the suffix of the file name can't be displayed in the old version.

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